It can be daunting to learn a new software or troubleshoot a tech issue. You need someone who speaks your language to guide you through it. At Red Pearl, we’re experts at training staff and handling support questions so everything gets resolved quickly and professionally without all the glazed over eyes and blank stares.



I’ve successfully trained dozens of employees and clients and the biggest thing I’ve learned is that there is no single perfect way to go about it. Everyone learns differently, so I tailor my discussions and tutorials to fit the situation and the people.


This example is part of a series of videos I created to demonstrate small steps in adding content via the Platformic CMS. The client on this project had numerous staff members in addition to new partner contributors joining each month. Instead of trying to do live demos and work around busy schedules, the video series was posted on a admin-only page on their site. Contributors could walk through each step and follow along as they learned to add content of their own.

STEP-BY-STEP TUTORIALS is filled with step-by-step written tutorials and training resources that I created to teach clients about the CMS, proper div structure, features and more. Please view an example at:


I’ve learned that many people just learn better from a real live person sitting next to them and I really enjoy these sessions of interaction and learning. I’ve also found that people are notoriously bad note takers which is why I often create a package of “recap” materials for my clients after I’ve done a demo. I include screenshots and notes of the things we discussed for future reference. A sample of the training packet for a recent client is below.