Active Suite

Logo designs for a suite of tools and services from Blue Sun Media


Blue Sun Media is a boutique technology agency and consultancy based in Los Angeles, CA that provides digital services to media companies and ad agencies. Blue Sun Media offers a suite of tools and services including ActiveRadio, ActiveLeads and ActiveBooth.

ActiveLeads are intelligent contact forms that can be added on to any website. These forms collect additional data points in the background after the prospect submits their email address so that business owners can more appropriately pursue new leads.

ActiveBooth is a digital photo booth for events where photos are automatically branded with a company logo and marketing messaging, and in order to receive them the user must enter either their phone number or email address.


ActiveRadio had an existing logo which no longer fit with the overall Blue Sun Media brand styles. I was asked to update the ActiveRadio logo as well as create logos for the ActiveLeads and ActiveBooth products that would reflect the Blue Sun Media brand and communicate the core benefits of each product.