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Web Development

03/05/2014 | Sarah

Remembering back to when we created our first websites made from tables, Times New Roman text and clunky images, we couldn’t have imagined how far the web would come in just a few years or that we would get to build beautiful and engaging websites for a living. Combining our design skills with development experience means we’re able to lead and execute projects from inception to launch.Read More

User Interface Design

03/05/2014 | Sarah

Websites and web based applications need to do more than just look great. Usability is a major concern. As visual designers, we think beyond how something looks and consider how it works and behaves. By thinking from a user-needs perspective, we can develop a structured user experience that blends design with simple, efficient interaction.Read More

Graphic Design

03/05/2014 | Sarah

We design for a variety of applications from marketing collateral, logos and billboards to websites and user interfaces. We’ll work with you to identify your needs and conceptualize creative direction for a project, then bring those plans to life. Read More

Marketing Communications

03/05/2014 | Sarah

We’ve developed successful marketing campaigns, awareness and branding strategies, social media policies and email campaigns for a wide variety of businesses. We’ll help your business reach your target market by truly understanding the business, learning about opportunities for differentiation or comparison to competitors and focusing on customer needs and relationships. Read More

Training & Support

03/04/2014 | Sarah

It can be daunting to learn a new software or troubleshoot a tech issue. You need someone who speaks your language to guide you through it. At Red Pearl, we’re experts at training staff and handling support questions so everything gets resolved quickly and professionally without all the glazed over eyes and blank stares.Read More

Content Strategy

03/04/2014 | Sarah

Content is king. It’s the substance that makes us laugh, buy, learn and engage. We develop successful strategy utilizing content like video, stories, news, testimonials, audio, contests and social media to build your brand.Read More