Content Strategy

Content is king. It’s the substance that makes us laugh, buy, learn and engage. We develop successful strategy utilizing content like video, stories, news, testimonials, audio, contests and social media to build your brand.


Recently we worked with a client to redesign her website and it struck us how simple it can be to improve your content online, but how often the little things are overlooked. JKatPhoto is run by a wonderful and vibrant photographer named Kat who is praised by every one of her many clients for how she puts them at ease during a photo shoot. Her old website however was dark and stagnant. The photos were overshadowed by a presentation that did nothing to sell her great qualities.

We worked with Kat to identify her target audience and develop content that would communicate to those decision makers. For instance, instead of using titles like “New Gallery,” “Gallery II,” and “Gallery IV” we labeled the new galleries with descriptive titles like “Environmental Business Portraits” and “Habitats Around Us.” We also added subtitles and descriptions to each gallery to engage the viewer and tell them more about the types of services Kat offers. These descriptions also contribute to better search results. Lastly, we recommended a testimonials section of the site where her clients can sing her praises. Testimonials are a great way to help build trust for a product, service or brand.


The redesign launched recently and we’re enthusiastic about the responses from clients and new visitors including this feedback: “This looks FABULOUS! I am so glad to see you with a site that really lets your talent, warmth and passion shine through. And it looks great on mobile!”