Marketing Communications

We’ve developed successful marketing campaigns, awareness and branding strategies, social media policies and email campaigns for a wide variety of businesses. We’ll help your business reach your target market by truly understanding the business, learning about opportunities for differentiation or comparison to competitors and focusing on customer needs and relationships.

Recently, we worked with an established investment company on their first mass-distribution email campaign. Though the industry average open rate on email marketing for finance is around 14%, the email campaign we created exceeded that with a 27.5% open rate and nearly double the industry average click rate. The executives were immediately able to see the benefit of email communication and plan to continue utilizing the suggestions we put in place.



I’ve been able to achieve great success in communication and marketing using digital media, print marketing, social media, email campaigns and special events to deliver a brand experience to the desired audience. I have the expertise to help clients choose the appropriate distribution channels and make decisions based on valuable experience with each medium.

For example, I led an 6-week multi-platform listener engagement campaign for a prominent radio station that incorporated specialty website content, social media interaction, video, appointment listening components and large-format signage as well as a live “race to the finish.” This campaign resulted in dramatically increased ratings, profitability and community engagement with the brand. I’m confident I can employ similar strategies to enhance awareness, adoption and the effective use of any brand.