Epilepsy Foundation of Georgia


The Epilepsy Foundation of Georgia is a non-profit organization working to improve the quality of life for people with epilepsy through community education activities and client service programs. They rely heavily on fundraising efforts to support their mission. I have worked for several years with EFGA in helping them develop an online presence which maximizes the reach of their message and serves as a hub for epilepsy resources in their community.


In 2012 I designed and built a website for the Epilepsy Foundation of Georgia on a CMS platform which met their needs at the time and was a terrific starting CMS for the EFGA staff to learn to update their website with limited technical skills, and more importantly limited time. In early 2014, we decided it was time to progress to a more robust solution and incorporate a better user experience on all devices.

The major focus on this relaunch was to create a responsive site built on an open source platform that would allow us to expand the features and functions of the site into the future. I recommended WordPress because of the quantity of available plugins and online documentation as well as the similarities to the old system EFGA had been using which translated into a smaller learning curve for EFGA staff.


In 2012 when I designed the first site I built for EFGA, it was a very traditional website layout with two columns and tons of boxy areas for different elements. It was completely in line with what many other organizations were doing and it was a safe design choice. Just 2 years later, much has changed with the way I approach web design and I was thrilled that the client trusted me enough to take this redesign in another direction. We went with a simple color palette – signature red from their logo as a way to draw the eye to key elements, mixed with subtle greys to allow the content to be the focus. In addition, I went with a 1-column layout on most pages, using a right column sparingly to feature related information and call to action.